Summer Energy

Connecting with Good Causes

At Summer Energy, our people live and work in the same communities we provide energy. That’s why we encourage all of our employees to engage in volunteer activities and give back to the neighborhoods we serve, such as the Houston Food Bank and other good causes. Simply put, we invest our energy into building stronger communities by working together with our neighbors to help build a better world. We’re always looking to expand on our community involvement. So, if you would like to suggest a charitable giving program to Summer Energy, please contact us.

The "Give Back" Program

As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, we created the Summer Energy “Give Back” Program. In the program, we partner with organizations such as charities, schools, churches, youth leagues, and other groups to provide the opportunity to raise additional funds to help these important community associations.
Here’s how it works: Whether it’s a school, church, little league team, or charity, Summer Energy will give back $50 to your organization with every residential signup. Simply put, we’ll provide a low, discounted electricity rate to every customer you signup and in return make a donation back to your group.